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Cie L'Oublié(e) - Raphaëlle Boitel

Created in 2012, Company L’Oublié(e) is directed by Raphaëlle Boitel, director and choreographer. She conceives a physical language inscribed in a visual universe that is written in the three dimensions of the stage, and addresses all audiences. It mixes different artistic disciplines: theatre, circus, dance, music and cinema through a chiselled work of light. The tragic and the comic are summoned in a metaphorical writing.


The creation of new apparatus, particularly in the field of aerials, renews the traditional disciplines.

A team of creators founds the core of the company, Tristan Baudoin (scenography, lighting), Arthur Bison (music), Nicolas Lourdelle (machinery, set), Liliane Hérin (costumes).


In the company directory, Consolations, 2013 – The Forgotten , 2014 – Fierce 5, 2015 – The Black Beast, 2017 – When angels Fall, 2018 – Horizon, 2019 – One versus One, 2020. In parallel, Raphaëlle Boitel works as a choreographer for the Opera.

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