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5es Hurlants-4 © Georges Ridel.jpg

© Georges Ridel

5es Hurlants © Sophian RIDEL S-10.jpg

© Sophian Ridel

Fierce 5 

Raphaëlle Boitel / Cie L'Oublié(e) 

Durée 1h10 - Tout public dès 8 ans

Creation 2015


5 people, 5 bodies, 5 personalities, 5 portraits, 5 points of view.
They shape their everyday life
They slide, they twist, they fall, they stand up.
They pull, they tighten.
They climb, they fly.
They look at each other.
They doubt, they try harder.
They look, rummage, dig without net.
They keep walking, always. Their art is like a calling.
Between failure and successes. Pleasure and pain.
They are always in equilibrium, strong and fragile.
Funny and sad.
They are themselves.
They are hope.
They are life.

” This work is about perseverance expressed through 5 performers’ every day life situations.
It’s about their bodies and how they interact with their circus apparatus;
how hard work and endless repetition makes the impossible possible.
I also want to work with their personalities: they come from 5 different countries, and they have 5 different backgrounds.
They are different but they also have in common the fact that they are normal people making extraordinary things.
Their youth is a symbol of hope.
I see their apparatus as their mechanical alter ego with which they have to share their lives.
I question what is at the centre of circus arts: fragile equilibrium, danger, and pugnacity.
I want to draw a poetic and positive portrait of the human kind.” Raphaëlle Boitel

5es Hurlants © Frank Berglund-780.jpg

Directed by Raphaëlle Boitel
Set design, lighting, scenography, Spider conception Tristan Baudoin
Stage manager Nicolas Lourdelle
Music Arthur Bison
Help for the sound and light creation Stéphane Ley and Hervé Frichet
Costumes Lilou Hérin
Accessories, construction Silvère Boitel
With Julieta Salz, Clara Henry, Salvo Cappello,
Alejandro Escobedo, Loïc Leviel, Nicolas Lourdelle,
Tristan Baudoin

© Frank Berglund


Cie L'Oublié(e) - Raphaëlle Boitel with the help of de Si par Hasard
Supported by the Académie Fratellini and the Spedidam 


Tandem national scene Arras Douai • Le Grand T – theater of Loire Atlantique • Carré – Colonnes – national scene • The Plateforme 2 Pôles Circus in Normandy / La Brèche in Cherbourg and the Cirque • L’Agora, Pôle national des Arts du Cirque Boulazac Aquitaine • Le Grand R, scène nationale de la Roche-Sur-Yon •
Théâtre d’Elbeuf – Château Rouge – Annemasse conventioned stage • Le Carré Magique, PNC en Bretagne, Lannion

The Cie L'Oublié(e) - Raphaëlle Boitel is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture DRAC - Nouvelle Aquitaine and in companionship with L'Agora PNC Aquitaine of Boulazac, subsidized by the region Nouvelle Aquitaine, the department of Dordogne and the city of Boulazac Isle Manoire


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