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Jörg Müller

Born in Bavière in 1970, Jörg Müller graduated from the National Centre of Circus Arts in Chalons-en-Champagne in 1994, where he created « Mobile ».
Since then he signed « c/o » and « noustube » (a more than 9-foot-high tube filled with water  where he’s diving in) ; « PRE#1 » and « PRE#2.2 » with Jess Curtis (a performance between circus, dance and science).

He also has just created « Sarabande » with Noémi Boutin (les suites de Bach and juggling).

Since 2006, he has been a practitioner in Feldenkrais’s Method ®.

He collaborates (circus, dance, theatre, music, performance) with Pierre Doussaint, Mads Rosenbeck, Thierry André, Jérôme Thomas, Le Cirque Plume, Philippe Goudard, Francois Cervantes, Kitsou Dubois, Francois Verret, Jacques Rebotier, Philippe Découflé, Odile Duboc, Valerie Lamielle, Yoann Bourgeois, Martin Schwietzke/Les Apostrophés, Gulko/Cahin-Caha, Jeanne Mordoje, Nikolaus Holz/Christian Lucas, Roland Auzet, Julie Nioche, Mark Tompkins, Pedro Pauwels, Cie Anomalie, Akosh Szelevényi, Haim Adri/Sisyphe Heureux, Chiharu Mamiya, François Merville, Jess Curtis, Ondrej Adamek, Noemie Boutin, Peter Corser, Jean-Paul Autin, Steven Cohen, Karim Sebbar, Cendrine Gallezot, Keith Hennessy, Camille Boitel, Jean-Benoît Mollet, Hyacinthe Reich, Vincent Peter, Didier Manuel, Jean-Emmanuel Belot, Noemie Lambert, Samuel Dutertre, Sky De Sela and Sabrina Marlier.