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c/o - noustube

Jörg Müller

« This work has been based on and inspired by water. Water lets me juggle with myself ; juggle with my body, weighting between not much and nothing, and somethimes even less than nothing. »

Soon as the subaquatic performance « c/o » was created in 2001, the will to invite artits to invest this « tube-space », to use this stage design as a aquatic theatre and to offer this space to other artists with other proposals, come to surface. In 2008, this project materealised and « noustube » was performed for the first time with 6 artists.

« noustube » gives every artist carte blanche to create a solo around and inside the cylinder. Only one contraint : « take the plunge » whenever the artist decides during the performance.

« noustube » is an invitation to immersion. It is about giving a place where freedom of expression is garanted. An exhibition space, where we totally lose control of our own image. A space where contraint is so important that the artist’s emotion emerges and is shared live with the audience. More than a show, a shared experience.

Détails :

- Created in june 2001 in the Centre des Arts du Cirque in Basse-Normandie

- Stage design : Jörg Müller

- Script : Jörg Müller, Vincent Peter, Cendrine Gallezot et Francis Albiero

- Costume : Cendrine Gallezot

- Plinth design : Mathieu Delangle

- Conception chauffage :

- Lighting design : Paul Beaureilles

- Web site :

- Duration : 25 min

Coproduction and Résidences : Centre des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie, La Grande Halle de la Villette / Paris, La Ferme du Buisson, La Gare de Guillon

So far, 22 artists proposed their own versions and visions of this immersion.

Jörg Müller is searching for other residences so the « noustube » team can grow continusly.

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