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Jörg Müller

Created by Jörg Müller, Mobile is a hanging metallic tubes juggling that sounds like a carillon harmony when clinking against each other by the artist.

Jörg Müller also created Mobile feu, which is another version of Mobile, but with hanging torches on fire and performed at night.

« Finally, Jörg Müller's wind chime act, a miracle of strange device, and one of the most enchanting acts I have ever seen. Five huge tubes ranging from two to five feet in length hang from a single point in the rigging. Jörg pushes them so that they swing in various patterns, avoiding each other as they swoop out over the audience in circles, ellipses and spirals. Several times during the act, when you think he has reached the limits of the prop, he adds a new element to the motion: grabbing the cables and spinning the chimes in a vertical plane, making them rotate in a horizontal plane, and finally tapping them with a thimble on his fingers to turn the whole arrangement into a musical instrument. At the end, he simply lets them collapse together into the center of the stage, clanging and clashing into each other. This was quite simply one of the best juggling shows I have ever seen. »

5 août 1997, European Showcase, Pittsburgh/Pensilvania


- With : Jörg Müller

- Conception, Writing, Music, Producing, Object creation : Jörg Müller

- Created with François Crevantes and Emmanuel Cury St Sauveur's help


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