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Raphaëlle Boitel / Compagnie L'Oublié(e)


Born in 1984, Raphaëlle Boitel started acting at the age of 6 and entered Annie Fratellini’s National Circus School in 1992. She started her professional career at the age of 13, directed by James Thierrée in La Symphonie du Hanneton – The Junebug Symphony (French tour and international tour from 1998 to 2006), then in La Veillée des Abysses (2003 to 2010).

Since 2012, she develops her own company through her personal creations: Consolations, ou interdiction de passer par dessus bord, short play created in 2013 and invited by l'Académie Fratellini; L'Oublié(e), created in 2014 and has been played nearly 50 times; and more recently, 5èmes Hurlants, created in 2015 for 5 circus performers, all from the academy Fratellini. 

From June 15th, please find all the information about the company and Raphaëlle Boitel's creations on : http://raphaelleboitel.com .

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