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Passage désemboîté


Martin Schwietzke / Compagnie Les Apostrophés


A performance created for the street, punctuated with nine playlets.


Assimilated to the town, discreetly surprising, unsuspectably disturbing, five very stylish guys play around with the urban items… a forgotten book on a public bench, a hat caught in the breeze, the market’s leftovers, a baguette becomes their partners along the way.


From our common urban world, the objects are springing out, messing about with our daily routines. The old way of life is agitated by these expert hands, under the knowing look of an accordion player. Music, juggling and dance get along disrupting the numerous bits and pieces found in towns.


Sitting outside a Café, at the entrance of a store or simply at the corner of a street, you will meet them: extraordinary ordinary people… so, let the accordion guide you and dance along!


Details :

"Family" show - All audiences - For the street.
No technical request excepted using the public spaces, in a lively neighborhood , after a site visit.



Production : Cie Les Apostrophés 
Coproduction : Le Cratère, Scène Nationale d’Alès
With the support of DMDTS – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, 
de la DRAC – Languedoc Roussillon, de la Verrerie d'Alès - Pôle Cirque Cévennes et Languedoc-Roussillon.