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Boris Gibé / Compagnie Les Choses de Rien


Mouvinsitu is a hybrid project approached through the prisms of choreographic and visual arts. This work on the border of artistic disciplines unrolls itself during three years. The first two of them are dedicated to the research of movement and cinematographic vocabulary and result in a series of short films («What comes down must go up» was the first of such experimentations). The third year will be dedicated to the creation of a choreographic work linked to an exhibition.


Mouvinsitu is an attempt to create fiction around reality by using the mouvement. Filming the dance while thinking of movies is not only to film the bodies that move, but also to ask one's self how dance could be a story, or how the body could serve for achieving a desired poetics.


Mouvinsitu comes of a lifestyle which is more and more unstable (and in particular of the reconsideration of the artist's place in society). This project is an attempt to leave space to the bodies that let themselves be contaminated by the environment that conditions them. Their malleable body language rests on the notions of fragility, of loss of references/landmarks, and of the force of re-adaption to the space in which they operate.


Details :

For all audiences from 8 years old.

Conception Boris Gibé & Florent Hamon.

Interpretation: Boris GIbé & Tiziano Lavoratornovi


Mentions :

Production : les Choses de Rien.

Coproduction & residence : Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – Creative and Production Center // Châteauvallon – national scene // Espace Jean Legendre – national scene of Oise in prefiguration – Compiègne // TRIDANSE – Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region // La Passerelle – national scene in Alpes du sud – Gap // Le Citron – Jaune - CNAR - Port-Saint-Louis du Rhône // Le 3 bis F lieu d’arts contemporains (Aix-en-Provence) - Le Vélo Théâtre // Pôle régional de développement culturel – Apt /

Other residences : Coopérative De Rue De Cirque (2R2C) - Paris // Lycée Professionnel Corvisart-Tolbiac & Parc de La Villette – Paris // Centre de Création Artistique et Technique NIL OBSTRAT - St Ouen l’Aumône // Le théâtre de La Manicle & le lieu d’arts visuels Le Satellite Brindeau - Le Havre // Le RTT - Bruxelles // L’Académie Fratellini – St Denis // CND - Centre National de la Danse - Pantin // TanzFabrik - Berlin // SZENE – Salzurg (Autriche) // SC Cultura promjene - Zagreb (Croatie) // La Gare de Guillon // Enclave – Festival Internacional Deltebra Dansa – Deltebre (Espagne) //  La Gare - Marigny – le – Cahouet

Creation help : DGCA, DICREAM and DRAC Ile de France

Supports : DAAC – Rectorat de Paris // Région Ile-de-France in the device « Innovation Educative » // Ministère de la Culture - DRAC Ile de France (convention 2015-2017) // APAP - Commission européenne (DGEAC – programme Culture).


Les Choses de Rien company is supported by the Ministère de la Culture - DRAC Ile de France

Boris Gibé is an associate artist in 2 scènes - national scene in Besançon









Mouvinsitu exhibition


The exhibition of the project Mouvinsitu testifies an ongoing process, which began in 2011 by making short films. Film What comes down must go up is a first attempt. Concerning the loss of reference points, each short films is integrated in different installations which participate in a scenography based on the idea of maze, that the audience is invited to discover. These proposals intend to provoke frictions and emphasize the notion of trace.

The short films are available HERE.


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