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Les Apostrophés


Martin Schwietzke / Compagnie Les Apostrophés


Created in 1997, by the juggler Martin Schwietzke (art director), Les Apostrophés act in the field of juggled theater and in a broader perspective in relation with all circus and street arts and performances, dance, theater and music. The troop’s creations, even if they all have a strong attachment to the object (juggled or handled), have also been thought out to fit very different locations and audiences.


Since 1998, Martin Schwietzke cultivate his company with different shows: A corps pour deux solistes (1998), La Cour des Choses (2000), 78 Tour de mains (2003), Passage désemboîté (2004), and finally, Crue, last creation availaible for January 2016.

© Eric Blanc

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