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directed by Raphaëlle Boitel

Presented at

Peak Performances @ Montclair State University 

for 4 performances :


2016 SEPTEMBER 29th - 30th & 2016 OCTOBER 1st - 2nd




L’Oublié(e) is a sort of tale :

A woman whose man (father or lover?) has been in a coma for years is waiting for him to wake up. It’s as if she has stopped living. She’s getting old. She decides to put herself into a coma to go get him there. She launches into a quest through a parallel world made of hallucinations and extraordinary situations in order to track him down. There, she meets women of the past and temporarily joins them.

Sometimes, she manages to catch the man’s body and drags it along with her (he is still lifeless, even in this world of the unconscious). Many times, she is reanimated, they tear her from this world to try to bring her back to life. But she always decides to slide back into it, she throws herself into accidents, to get back with this man.




















"Directed by Raphaëlle Boitel, this company are remarkable; they bend, they dance, they sing, they soar

impossibly throught the air.”
The Irish Independent, Nov. 13 2015


“L'Oublié(e) is full of surprises and it's a feast for the eyes"., July 2. 2014



















Raphaëlle Boitel was born on the 8th of August 1984, she started acting at the age of 6 and entered Annie Fratellini’s National Circus School in 1992.

She started her professional career at the age of 13, and appeared in shows directed   by   James   Thierrée,   The   Junebug   Symphony   (La   Symphonie   du Hanneton) and in Bright Abyss (La Veillée des abysses). She has presented visual performances at David Lynch’s club, the Silencio (Paris).

Most recently, she worked with Compagnie 111 for Aurélien Bory’s Géométrie de Caoutchouc, and choreographed a piece for La Scala Milan alongside Gorgio Barberio Corsetti.















Alexander Kasser Theater,

Montclair State University,

1 Normal Avenue, Montclair,

NJ 07043 - 973-655-5112











Weekdays : NJ Transit (Montclair Boonton line) from New York Penn Station to Montclair Heights station (Peak Performances ushers meet the last train before curtain). Schedule information available at;

->Trains run roughly every 60 minutes. Duration 55 minutes/then a 6-minute walk to the theater // By car 45 minutes (depending on traffic)


On Saturday and Sunday : Charter bus service provided by Peak Performances from Port Authority. Bus Terminal direct to the Alexander Kasser Theater

->Bus departure 90 minutes prior to curtain. Must book at least 48 hours in advance at 973-655-5112. $10 roundtrip.

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