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The sleepers - images collection

Claire Ruffin / Compagnie L'Insomnante


“To paint is to expose ones night to broad daylight” Cocteau.


Images of sleeps. The day after the night of insomnia.

Quickly we abandon performance and unusual locations to sink into the depths of sleep, the depths of the landscape.
We stay away from geographically known locations, we look for textures. We try to let then become the matter of the sleep of the sleeper. As if one could visualise around her dreams, her feelings. “before becoming conscious spectacle, every landscape is a dream like experience” writes Bachelard.
The sleeper disappears and her dream appears.

We like to bring along a photo project into the theatre we play in or in a nearby location. We can also enrich the exhibition with a picture taken in the surroundings.
The images have their own lives and can be show independently from the show. inviting the inhabitants to join us by choosing a location where we photograph them as “sleepers”.



Details :
With Claire Ruffin (project builder), Vincent Beaume (photographies et light), Camille Boitel (help: for writing, objects manipulation, artistic look), Alice Boitel et Antoine Combier (help for the photographies's project), Thomas de Broissia et Marion Lefèvre (construction), Francis Coulaud (ateliers).


Coproduction : Vélo Théâtre (Apt), Espace Périphérique (Paris), and the help of the Théâtre de Cuisine (Marseille), the Minoterie (Marseille), and Anis Gras, le lieu de l'autre (Arcueil)

Mentions :

With the support of the Ville de Vitrolles, the Préfecture des Bouches-du-Rhône, the Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône, 13 habitat.

Coproduction : L’Espace 600 - Grenoble ; Centre National des Arts de la Rue - LE CITRON JAUNE / ILOTOPIE ; La Passerelle - Scène nationale de Gap ; Les 2 scènes, Scène nationale de Besançon.

Residence : Sur le sentier des Lauzes (Ardèche).

The exhibitions are supported by AZA laboratory. 

Night tales – writing workshop

Exchanges with the inhabitants of the town of Vitrolles have made us want to invite words into the projects – which was until now a silent one -.

We want to offer non writing specialists (but insomnia specialists) the opportunity to write.

We have organized workshops In Vitrolles in a hospital with patients used to insomnias and sleeping pills, primary schools students (who woud rather watch TV than sleep), elderly people from which sleep is running away from.

The resulting texts will be subjects to public reading by the authors themselves and can be fully integrated to the exhibitions.


With the help of la Ville de Vitrolles, du Conseil Général, de la Préfecture des Bouches-du-Rhône.







Proposed by Crying out loud :


Dormez-vous ? (Are you sleeping?) is a project by L’INSOMNANTE theatre company for children and young people with Special Educational Needs, who are on the autistic spectrum or who benefit from support with communication.

L’INSOMNANTE (She Who Cannot Sleep) is a series of variations on the themes of sleeping and insomnia. We perform a show about the (im)possibility of falling asleep; we create and curate a series of photographs depicting a sleeping woman, and we offer creative writing workshops which explore the subject of sleep, and what happens when slumber deserts us.

For ‘Dormez-vous?’ (Are You Sleeping?), we offer creative and sensory workshops accompanied by our bed and 100 pillows, which explore the themes of sleep and sleeplessness. The workshops are designed for children and young people with additional needs, including students who are on the autistic spectrum, many of whom have sleep difficulties. We also provide sessions for teachers, which offer an opportunity to further explore the content of our work with young people.


A blog is availaible to follow the project: HERE


Dormez-vous ?