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Installation tripode


Boris Gibé / Compagnie Les Choses de Rien


Installation Tripode is an ethereal show which inspires the audience to dream aquatic dreams, carried by the wind. With the sea as a horizon, an acrobat floats between air and water, supported by the tunes of a saxophone player sailing the waters on his boat.

A performance created by Boris Gibé, in 2005 and remounted in 2021, with Martina Monnicchi, performer, and JB Rubin, musician

The show is particularly suited for out-of-the-ordinary artistic events and can be used to romote water stretches, courses or picnic areas or to mark the opening of water areas or water, ecological or environmental festivals…

10 min show



Conception / acrobatics : Boris Gibé

Performer 2021 : Martina Monnicchi
Saxophon 2021 : JB Rubin

Production : Cie Les Choses De Rien




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