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Sowing beds


Claire Ruffin / Compagnie L'Insomnante


"Sleep isn't a safe place anymore" Cocteau.


Having to carry around on your back a bed at all time makes you want to put it down to leave it anywhere, to abandon it and offer it to others unique naps and magnificent point of views.

In Arborries, in the woods, beds are being installed along a path, up on a hill, in a bunch of trees.

The mattresses are made of hemp and covered with natural moss harvested in the surroundings.

At the start of the course packs with a pillow, a blanket and a book will be handed to the visitors.

Details :

Un Hôtel à la carte

Siestes, morceaux de nuits ou nuit entière

A partir de 8 ans


With Francis Coulaud, Catherine Exbrayat, Aline Maclet, David Bouvard, and Claire Ruffin.


Mentions :

Our first hotel experiences were conducted since 2013 et the Théâtre de Fontblanche (Vitrolles), at the Franche Trainstation (Marseille), et the day hospital Villa Mélodie (Vitrolles), at Citron Jaune (Port St Louis), and at 3bisF (Aix).

Supported by the Ville de Vitrolles, the Franche Trainstation and the Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône, the Citron Jaune, the 3bisF and the Ville de Marseille.