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1000 chemins d'oreillers 

Claire Rufin / Insomnante company

From 3 to 6 years old 


A huge room made of an uncountable amount of pillows,

Someone who can't sleep, 

A way of pillows is going through the room, children are invited to walk on it

A way wich become an island, 

An island wich split into piles,
Piles wich are growing up and becoming a forest

Children are just hear, nearby, sitting on the pillow way,

they help to move pillows around, she invites them to follow her...

An immersive show in wich it feels good to let ourselves soothed.

From insomnia to "1000 chemins d'oreillers"

Sometimes, at night, I don't sleep. 

One day, I felt the to let the insomnia become a source of inspiration rather than a discomfort. 

Different projects were then born, two of them being at the root of this new art piece : the performance L'Insomnante and the project Dormez-vous?.

In L'Insomnante,  an act where a woman continually fails to lay in her bed, languages and complicities were born and then followed me along in other projects.

The Dormez-vous? project is intended for children suffering from autism or with special needs. For 3 days, we organize workshops with a groups of children, in which a hundred pillows become playmates. They allow space carving, offer playful or more sensory moments. At the end of those 3 days, we present an adapted version of the show L'Insomnante.

During those various sessions we come to question the border between workshops and performance, bringing  moments of performance into workshops and interactive moments into the performance.

These various experiences make us want to write new children performances, with a mountain of pillows, to build a sensory course as well as a performance. 

Details :

1000 chemins d’oreillers

Compagnie L’insomnante

For 60 people

Duration : 35 min 

Cast :

Claire Ruffin (la Dormeuse / jeu et manipulation des oreillers),

Catherine Exbrayat (la Berceuse / violoncelle, voix et objets de toutes sortes, voix enregistrées),

Manon Trompowsky (la Veilleuse / guide des enfants et manipulation des oreillers et de la lumière).


Création Lumière : Claire Childéric

Construction décor : Céline Schmitt

Production : L’insomnante / Si Par Hasard

Coproduction and residencies : Communauté d’Agglomération Porte de l’Isère - Théâtre du Vellein - Villefontaine ;  le Merlan - Scène nationale de Marseille ; le Pôle Arts de la Scène -  Friche la Belle de Mai ;  le 3 bis f Lieu d’arts contemporains - centre d’art à Aix-en-Provence ; la Brèche - Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Normandie en partenariat avec le Théâtre des Miroirs à Cherbourg.

Other supports and residencies :

Théâtre de Cuisine à Marseille ; le Théâtre de Fontblanche à Vitrolles ; les 2 Scènes, scène nationale de Besançon ; L’Espace 600 - Grenoble ; le Nouveau Relax - scène conventionnée de Chaumont


Avec les concours du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DRAC PACA ; et de la Ville de Marseille.