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Delirium Lumens


Gaëlle Bisellach & Franck Française


Massive visual installation and a performance

With Gaëlle Bisellach-Roig and Franck Française


Delirium Lumens loves to overlap the edges, to happily drift off between a massive visual installation and a performance. The space is being transformed into an evoluting fresco, entirely animated manualy. The purpose is to approach each location, waether it is a stage, a village square, an empty field or a building, in a unique and experimental manner and within the frame of a festive improvisation.

Delirium Lumens cooperates, according to the situation, with musicians, danseurs, cicus performers... open to all encounters, we can initiate them and we are always delighted by unusual offers.


As for the technical aspect, we are independant with divers sources of projection, retroprojector, slide projectors, super 8 video, 16mm projector and video projector. Concerning the surfaces, we can adapt to the location and its geopgraphical movements: Wals, buildings, floors, lawns,... we can also build our own screen with lycra, which allows us freely play with shapes and sizes.


The projected materials are a mix of our own original drawings and painted slides with which we compose psychedelic surrealist sets. We create all material ourself in advance and thus can honor particular orders.

We must then compose live with drawings, photocollages, super 8, slides and luminous paintings in order to build evolutive sets in which are animated dancing and colorful puppets as well as manipulated objects...