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Creation january 2016


Martin Schwietzke / Compagnie Les Apostrophés

© Frabrice Gaboriau


Inspiration, theme, language and structure
This is an invitation to the journey that animates me... A path to overlook from a distance, offering to take a look at the beauty of the living and celebrate it.
The body language, that is a part of my work as an author, will rely once more on choregraphical work and a language close to mime. Without trying to be a choregrapher, I try to find the instinctive obviousness of movement in the various embodied characters, a movement bringing them to life, emphasizing their presence and their « character » status. This language makes a real theatrical dramaturgy possible and gives
sens to the play.


As a juggler, my first intention was to manipulate raw objects in order to allow a metamorphosis in the perception of the spectactors (sphere, straight line, curb and others) during and because of the manipulation, and through the use of material such as chalk, clay, rice, paint, air or foam.

It will thus be the suggestive poetic tale, rather than a linear narration easily recognizable, of a dream-like universe where multiple entities will appear on the right side of the stage for a display of their present status and then disapear into the night of times on the left hand of the stage. With humour and seriousness, some existential topics will be raised : the great need of modern man for domination, the need to transform the world according to its interests ; the beauty of living and its diversity making us what we are.


Scenography and aesthetic
A two way stage will offer a sensorial approach to the audience. The proximity of the stage will allow a close encounter with the manipulation
of the matter. They will smell a cloud, feel the rice falling on their shoes, gravity, the size of a small planet, the air blowing, the body streched.

A longue empty stage will host the audience on each side. Four rows of benches on both sides will be facing. A the end of the long corridor, a
« threshold » will mark the stage at both ends.


The space on stage will symbolize the present in which the artists will bring to live the various entities. Behind each threshold will be an open
and visible to the audience dressing room where the comedian will prepare his appearances.
The show will be like a succession of sets, crossings back and forth, that the comedian will execute in between these two dressing rooms.

Details :

Duration: 60 minutes (all audience) / 45 minutes (young audience)

From 6 years old.


Artistic collaboration : Claire Heggen & Elsa Dourdet
Costumes and counsel : Sandrine Rozier
Scenography : Martin Schwietzke
Lighting: Bernard Revel
Sound and music : Karl Naegelen


Mentions :

Coproductions / residencies : Maison des Jonglages - scène conventionnée de La Courneuve (coproduction, residencies and premieres) ; Théâtre Antoine Vitez, scène conventionnée d'Ivry sur Seine (coproduction and séries of 14 performances in Janvier and Février 2016) ; L'Odyssée, scène conventionnée de Périgueux (coproduction, residencies and performance for the festival international du Mime - Mimos en juillet 2016) ; Le Sirque, pôle nat. des arts du cirque de Nexon Limousin (résidency).
The project Crue was one of the projects rewarded during Plateaux du groupe Gestes in december 2014.
The company received the support of the Gard department and the Languedoc-Roussillon region for this project, as well as the support of the Seine St Denis department for the residency project at La Courneuve.