Tangled drops  -Tabaimo
Tangled drops -Tabaimo

Tangled drops -  Tabaimo
Tangled drops - Tabaimo

Tangled drops - Tabaimo
Tangled drops - Tabaimo

Tangled drops  -Tabaimo
Tangled drops -Tabaimo


Tabaimo's sketches about the performance


images of Tabaimo's work

もつれる水滴 / tangled drops

(des gouttes enchevêtrées)


Jörg Müller & Tabaimo

In July 2019, after getting to know each other's works and universes, the Japanese visual artist tabaimo and Jörg Müller decide to start a creation project about adult fears.

"Although we know fear comes from the inside, we have the feeling that it comes and invades us from the outside. On the other hand, the fear for adults is that what they thought they knew was something that they had never imagined, which is close to the shock of the things that had accumulated for many years collapsing in an instant. Stability and peace of mind are broken and things that I thought would last are broken."... Tabaimo

This is how starts the project Tangled drops. The premieres are planned for December 2021 in France, before performing in Japan in May 2022. Tangled Drops will be made of objects and body manipulation by Jörg Müller and visuel universe designed by Tabaimo, but this is really the common writing and creative process which excites both artists in this new performance.

Détails : with Tabaimo and Jörg Müller

the team is being built now

French premieres  : December 2021

Japanese premieres : May 2022

Production : Cie Wasistdas and Tabaimo Theater Projects + Hi Wood

Co-productions, supports and residencies : Tokyo Metropolitan Theater ; Maison des Jonglages scène conventionnée de La Courneuve ; Tandem scène nationale Arras-Douai ; l'Avant scène scène conventionnée de Cognac ; Château de Monthelon.

The project is supported by Institut français in the frame of their program Cirque export.