Surnatural Orchestra

2 flautists; 6 saxophonists in shamble and of several sizes; 1 sousaphonist / keyboardist as needed; 1 professional mixer; 1 pragmatic percussionist; 3 trombonists with their mute including 1 (e) bass; 3 trumpeters / buglists / mellophonist / euphoniumist according to season; 1 keyboardist / guitarist according to supply ...


Original compositions by the members of the group, the jumbled repertoire of clear, twisted, learned themes, jazz of all stripes, popular music in three and four beats three movements, fadaise to dance, tight writing in a big band style… Each proposal open to the four winds of improvisation .

& Cirque Inextremiste

Driven by Yann Ecauvre, with gas bottles as emblem and main apparatus, Cirque Inextremiste has been traveling from theaters to festivals throughout Europe since 2007. Real risks and scathing humor are the watchwords of this company, which always pushes the boundaries of the extreme.

Julien Couzy - 0033 (0)6 85 32 76 64 -

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