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Jörg Müller & Noémi Boutin

Jörg Müller graduated from the National Centre of Circus Arts from Chalons -en -Champagne in 1994. In 1993, he created “Les tubes” with Mads Rosenbeck, then the next year, he works around sound and hanging tubes. In 2001 he signed C/o, a performance in a tube filled with water. Since 2005, he has worked on the theme of balance. Jörg Müller performs mostly usual juggling figures (stunt, showers...) but the horizontal movement of objects, which is on the rise, triggers a unique link between the Juggler and the objects.

Noémi Boutin went to Paris’s CNSM at the age of 14 and developed with her cello virtuoso and sensitive language. She revealed her vocation of chamber music with the Trio Boutin, then with the Trio Ceres. Today, she is a singular artist, doing at once a soloist career and originals and eclectics artistics adventures, working with Fantazio, Benjamin Colin, Pierre Meunier, Mathurin Bolze ... Her engagement to contemporary music drove her to work with composers of differents musicals words, François Sarhan, Marc Ducret, Eve Risser, Joelle Leandre, Frédéric Pattar, Frédéric Aurier, Jean-François Vrod, Sylvain Lemêtre, Albert Marcœur ... With the flutist Sylvaine Hélary, she created in 2013 the duo Myssil then in 2014 the show for young audience “Entre chou et loup”, warmly recognized by the press and the audience. The same year, she presented Sarabande, with Jörg Müller

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