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Comment le vent vient à l'oreille


A show for big top - Premieres in January 2022

Surnatural Orchestra & Cirque Inextremiste


In spring of 2016, the premieres of Esquif were performed, born from the collaboration of Surnatural Orchestra, Cirque Basinga and Cirque Inextremiste. This creation marked the culmination of a journey of almost 10 years of Surnatural Orchestra with circus arts.


Full of the pleasure that this show gave us, we are building a new opus fusing the orchestra and the spirit of the circus.


Continue to share our seeds of madness with Yann Ecauvre and his teammates; with the desire this time to orient us towards atmospheres of tenuous and bubbling mysteries. Our recent meetings with Yann Frisch (magic) and Fabrice Dominici (ultralight flying objects) make us imagine strong contrasts. The lightness of their material, the disarray in which they plunge the audience make one envisage a performance both poetic and tense.


In a big top, question the limits like the borders, our relationship to what surrounds us, the erosion of everything, and answer the questions that arise, with absurdity.

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